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The blogs on this list are all dedicated to the UK’s transport industry and provide detailed information on all the latest insights and news. By visiting any of these blogs frequently, you can stay up to date on all the latest trends and news in the UK’s transport industry.

Passenger Transport –

Passenger Transport Blog is the only magazine with a dedicated focus on news coverage across all ground transport modes. They post up to 10 articles each month to be independent and influential with professional and knowledgeable coverage on the UK’s transport sector.

It’s the perfect blog to know about all the challenges that face the provisions of bus, rail, and light rail services and details the future role of these transport modes.

Motor Transport –

Motor Transport Blog is dedicated to providing the public with news and coverage on haulage, distribution, and logistics motor transports. They address issues not usually found on most blogs, such as the latest operational, legal, and technical challenges in these industries. They post over 20 articles each month, providing all the latest news.

Urban Transport Group –

Urban Transport Group promotes the interests of Britain’s largest urban areas on transport. They are a network of all the major transport authorities in the UK. They strive in helping urban transport as a professional network and provide leadership for the entire UK industry. The blog was established in 2009, providing vital information on the urban transport sector.

Transport Focus Blog –

Transport Focus stands as the independent transport user watchdog of the UK. Their mission is to get the best deal for passengers and road users with a strong dedication to fact-based research. They strive to make a difference in the transport industry for passengers and Britain’s Road users.

The blog provides reliable information by working with the government and large industries. The blogs on this list can provide factual and reliable information on the current state of the UK’s transport industry and the role it plays in society. Read more here for more information on road users in the UK.